Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a dock bumper thicker than 4”?

If the approach to the dock or “ground apron” is not flat, a greater standoff distance may be required. If the loading dock approach has a steep grade or a downhill approach a thicker bumper may be required to protect your building from impact from tall trailers. Docks with overhead canopies or dock or compression seals will also need a thicker dock bumper. For a loading dock with a dock seal. The dock seal pad should not project more than 4” to 6” past the bumper. This will insure a long life for the dock seal. Freyer offers bumpers up to 12” thick. If more standoff distance is required than , gussets or custom mountings can be requested through our loading dock bumper quote form.

I have a truck restraint and an edge of dock leveler/pit leveler. Is there anything I should consider when ordering my dock bumper?

Yes, keep in mind most truck restraints are designed to function on a level approach with a 4.5” thick bumper. If you are ordering 6” dock bumpers or thicker, you will likely need to install a block out to push the restraint further away from the dock face to compensate for the thicker bumper. This will insure that the hook will engage the bar and the truck will remain in place during loading and unloading. The distance of the block out will vary with type and mounting of your leveler. A typical distance is 11” to 12”.

What is the industry standard for dock door size?

“Standard size” in loading dock doors or opening does not exist. Commonly dock doors range from 8’ to 9’ high. Depending on the facility you may have a 10’ or 12’ opening. Dock doors may be larger or smaller and everywhere in between. Just remember, measure twice order once.

Is the type of truck using the loading dock door important to determining the proper loading dock bumper selection?

Yes. In order to provide a proper protection, the loading dock bumpers ordered for your dock must have the right dimensions to make contact with all sizes of trucks that may come into you facility, from box trucks to semi-trailers. Over the road semi-trailers do not have any kind of a step or bumper on the rear of the van. Knowing what type of vehicles come into your facility and if they raise or lower during loading and unloading is important in selecting proper building protection. Careful consideration should be given to the dock height, the height of the opening, clearance for overhangs or canopies and the height of the trucks backing into the opening.

How can dock bumpers be mounted when the trucks unloading and loading at the dock are higher than the dock height?

Gussets are used in situations when dock height is lower than the truck trailer height gussets are a heavy duty steel mounting brackets that can provide both greater height and standoff distance. Gussets are commonly used for vertical loading dock bumpers. The height of a gusset should not exceed 1/2 of the bumper height. The gusset width is equal to the Loading dock bumper width. The Gusset base and width extend equally. The gussets base mount attaches to the loading dock floor and face. To order gussets from Freyer use our purchase order or quote form. Please provide a drawing or list of measurements.

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