Dura Soft Dock Bumpers

Dura Soft Dock Bumpers offer premium protection providing greatest impact protection available. Dura-soft Bumpers are equipped with a 3/8 inch steel plate and a patented Looped laminated rubber design. This enables Dura Soft Dock Bumpers to deliver protection from heavy-duty loads as well as up and down movement due to dock levelers and other material handling devices. Integrate these bumpers into your facilities system and let heavy-duty workload meet heavy-duty protection.

Dura – Soft Steel Faced Dock Bumpers

Ideal Application

*High Impact and heavy load docks to protect against heavy-duty traffic
with or without up and down movement.


* Areas of Heavy-loads where greater impact absorbtion is needed
* Provides projection above low docks
* Areas with up and down movment due to leveling or lifting
* Loading docks where greater protection is needed


* Highest impact protection in the industry
* Maintenance free with 5 year warranty
* Holds up to wear and tear due to up and down movement
* Absorbs over 80% of impact force
* Easy Installations

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Gussets, back plates and plate extentions can also be provided on a custom order.


* 5 year warranty
* Made in the USA
* Constructed from woven industrial rubber to protect against
greater forces than standard bumpers.
* Weather resistant will hold up for years of service
* Absorbs greater than 80% of Impact force applied

Hardware Options

* Concrete anchor bolts are available for additional cost
* Suggested bolt options are available when you place your order below

Diagram Guide (See Table below)

A = Projection
B = Height
C = Bolt Hole Centers (Length)
D = Verticle Bolt Hole Centers
E = Bumper Length
F = Overall Length

Mounting Options

* Mounting plates and angels are included at no cost
* Flat plates for welding to loading dock
* Steel angles and concrete anchors for a bolted installation
* Flat plate on one side and angle on the other
* Overlaping plates available for additional cost
* For more info , please see our installation guide.

Dura soft Dock Bumpers

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ImageModelStandard Sizes (H x L)Approximate WeightPrice EachSpec SheetOrder now
B551014DSB5510-14-DS10” x 14”48#$ 118.00file_extension_pdfBuyNow-button-blue
B551018DSB5510-18-DS10” x 18”60#$ 150.90file_extension_pdfBuyNow-button-blue
B551024DSB5510-24-DS10” x 24"86#$ 220.90file_extension_pdfBuyNow-button-blue
B551036DSB5510-36-DS10” x 36”127#$ 344.90file_extension_pdfBuyNow-button-blue
B551214DSB5512-14-DS12” x 14”53#$ 145.60file_extension_pdfBuyNow-button-blue
B551218DSB5512-18-DS12” x 18”67#$ 205.80file_extension_pdfBuyNow-button-blue
B551224DSB5512-24-DS12” x 24”93#$ 245.80file_extension_pdfBuyNow-button-blue
B551236DSB5512-36-DS12” x 36”143#$ 399.00file_extension_pdfBuyNow-button-blue
B552011DSB5520-11-DS20” x 11”84#$ 182.20file_extension_pdfBuyNow-button-blue
B552411DSB5524-11-DS24” x 11”101#$ 211.90file_extension_pdfBuyNow-button-blue
B553611DSB5536-11-DS36” x 11”149#$ 291.30file_extension_pdfBuyNow-button-blue

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ImageModelStandard Sizes (H x L)
B551014DSB5510-14-DS10” x 14”
B551018DSB5510-18-DS10” x 18”
B551024DSB5510-24-DS10” x 24"
B551036DSB5510-36-DS10” x 36”
B551214DSB5512-14-DS12” x 14”
B551218DSB5512-18-DS12” x 18”
B551224DSB5512-24-DS12” x 24”
B551236DSB5512-36-DS12” x 36”
B552011DSB5520-11-DS20” x 11”
B552411DSB5524-11-DS24” x 11”
B553611DSB5536-11-DS36” x 11”