Nytrex Loading Dock Bumper

Nytrex Dock Bumpers: The “Indestructible” Bumper.

Nytrex loading dock bumpers are made of an ultra-strong nylon composite.  They are a bright hi-vis yellow making them clearly visible at your loading dock or facility and allowing for easier line up of trailers to the dock.  Nytrex TT model bumpers slide up and down and are great for loading docks with air-ride trailers or levelers.  Nytrex standard dock bumpers make great replacement bumpers and fit laminated and rubber bumpers of their size equivalent.

Two times the life! Nytrex dock bumpers can be flipped to give them twice the service life of standard loading dock bumpers.

Nytrex TT Slider Bumper

Nytrex TT Slider is in a class all its own and comes with a 6-year warranty.  The TT Slider was designed for the brutal pounding and scraping a bumper takes at the loading dock.  Like an Aikido master, under great trailer friction, the TT Slider moves with the air-ride trailer, yard jockeys or equipment lifted trailer at your dock.  After loading or unloading is complete, the Nytrex TT slides back to its original position.  Impacts are absorbed by two inches of resilient rubber backing.  The nylon face holds up to years of impact and grinding from truck trailers. This Nytrex dock bumper is a power house.

Benefits of Nytrex TT Dock Bumper

  • 6-Year Warranty
  • Tough nylon polymer two inches thick
  • Slider movement means increased durability
  • Can take the punishment of up-and-down friction
  • Hi-vis yellow, looks great and won’t corrode
  • Simple solution that installs easily
  • Best ROI – lowest ownership costs of any bumper
  • 4″ low profile projection
  • Bracketing available for greater projection or custom installations

Size and Specs

  • Height x Width 18″ x 10″ (Nylon face)
  • Bolt hole center measurement 13 and 1/8″

Size and Specs

  • Height x Width 18″ x 10″ (Nylon face)
  • Bolt hole Center Measurement 13 and 1/8″
  • Projection 4″
  • Weight 55 lbs.
Nytrex® Type TT Slider14-5/8 Overall
(7-3/4 Bumper Surface)
4-1/42" Nytrex® & 2" Rubber Backing
(4-1/4" overall)
6 YearWB988003244.80BuyNow-button-blue

Nytrex Standard Bumper

Nytrex standard dock bumpers are a great replacement for molded or laminated loading dock bumpers of equivalent sizes.  Standard Nytrex dock bumpers have a 4″ projection, 3.25″ of Nytrex nylon polymer and .75 of rubber backing.  Standard dock bumper can be flipped for twice the life.  For greater protection, you can add brackets to your Nytrex loading dock bumper.  Give us a call for bracketed orders at (248) 840-7040.

Benefits of Standard Nytrex Dock Bumper

  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Tough nylon polymer 3.25″ inches thick
  • Hi-vis yellow, looks great and won’t corrode
  • Yellow dock bumper helps guide in backing trailers
  • Simple Solution that installs easily
  • Best ROI – lowest ownership costs of any bumper
  • 4″ projection
  • 3/4″ concrete anchor bolts
  • Bracketing available for greater projection or custom installations. Call for bracketed order.
Nytrex® Type 131043-1/4" Nytrex® & 3/4" Rubber Backing (4" overall)5 YearWB988004104.00BuyNow-button-blue
Nytrex® Type R1243-1/4" Nytrex® & 3/4" Rubber (4" overall)5 YearWB987239112.00BuyNow-button-blue
Nytrex® Type 181043-1/4" Nytrex® & 3/4" Rubber Backing (4" overall)5 YearWB987240123.20BuyNow-button-blue
Nytrex® Type 131043-1/4" Nytrex® Without Rubber Back5 YearWB98800482.00BuyNow-button-blue
Nytrex® Type R1243-1/4" Nytrex® Without Rubber Back5 YearWB98723990.40BuyNow-button-blue
Nytrex® Type 181043-1/4" Nytrex® Without Rubber Back5 YearWB987240102.00BuyNow-button-blue