Model D4-24 (2 foot ) Extruded Dock Bumpers


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4″ X 41/2″x 24″ D4 Extruded Dock Bumpers (D-shaped Bumpers)

Dock bumpers are available as drilled or undrilled units. Drilled extruded units come with our standard drill pattern. Standard drill pattern starts 3” from each end with 18” centers. For custom drill patterns or lengths, please use our Freyer quote or general inquiry form and upload the drill pattern you need for your application. Click on the standard drill patterns button for the exact dimensions of each length we offer in stock in a downloadable PDF document.

D4 units are available with or without a mounting bar. If you select the mounting bar option you must also select the drilled option or provide a custom drill pattern through our quote form. Standard hardware for your D4 Bumper order is AS-344 Zinc . 75”x 4.25” Anchor Sleeve Bolt. This hardware fits perfectly with the factory drilled countersunk holes and makes for a secure installation. You also have the option to provide your own hardware if you choose.

Common Applications for Extruded Rubber Dock Bumpers

  • Suited for outdoor or indoor protection applications.
  • A good fit at loading docks, parking garages, on sea walls, inside and outside the warehouse as well as marina boat docks.
  • For vehicles such as semi-trailers, tow and box trucks. Cranes, forklifts or other heavy-duty construction equipment.
  • Protects walls in-plant from fork lifts, pickers and other material handling equipment.
  • Functions as a bumper, rub-rail or wall guard down hallways or along walls with high activity that could result in damage.

Options for Extruded Dock Bumper

  • Extruded dock bumpers come Drilled or Undrilled. Click standard drill patterns button above. *Orders ship with hardware included or without if you would like to provide your own.
  • Standard drill patterns are available for each length of bumper.
  • You can order a custom drill pattern or length using our quote forms.


  • Easy Installation – Hassel Free.
  • Stops damage to equipment and walls.
  • Low profile and gives a clean look.
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally.
  • One-piece construction up to 10’.
  • One-year warranty.


  • Tough solid rubber construction made for heavy-duty protection.
  • Extruded bumpers are impact rated (ASTM 2632) 75%
  • Durometer reader of 70 plus or minus 5.

Additional information

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